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Teacher Biography

Venise Grossmann earned her undergraduate degree in English Education at Glassboro State College (now Rowan University) and earned her masters degree in English from Rutgers University in Camden. She has been teaching English, journalism and public speaking for the past 34 years. She taught one year at Lenape Regional High School before spending the past 33 years at West Deptford High School. Venise has also taught in the Graduate School of Education in the Penn Literacy Program and has been teaching public speaking and Interpersonal Communications at Rowan University for the past three years. She has also worked as an adjunct professor at Camden County College and lectures in Camden County College’s The Center. Over the years, Venise has also worked as an education columnist for the Courier Post, published editorials in The Philadelphia Inquirer, and has worked on freelance travel documentary videos. Some of the awards which have made her most proud were being named West Deptford High School's District Teacher of the Year and Temple University's School Newspaper Advisor of the Year. During the summer Venise travels extensively. She has currently visited 96 countries. She is also a certified yoga teacher and enjoys working with veterans.

College Prep English I


Period 4 CP I 10:10-10:55

Google Classroom Code: yx4sz6t
Remind Code: @h29ghd

College Prep English IV

Period 3 CP IV 9:20-10:05

Google Classroom Code: altrkza
Remind Code: @b96b49

Period 5 CP IV 11:00-11:45

Google Classroom Code: oia7357
Remind Code: @9gk423

Period 7 CP IV 10 1:20-2:05

Google Classroom Code:lx3nsgz
Remind Code: @beb3ae

Public Speaking (Semester 1)

Period 1 Public Speaking 7:40-8:25

Google Classroom Code: ovzhiua
Remind Code: @g6h6h8

Journalism I  (Semester 2)

Period 1 Journalism I 7:40-8:25

Google Classroom Code: sxcbx7g
Remind Code: @324k2d

School Newpaper Advisor

The Talon

Google Classroom Code: ysv2jd5
Remind Code: talon20202

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